Statistical Data Analysis with SAS




Understanding the Data Flow in SAS: Learn SAS Programming from Data Importing, Management, Manipulation to Data Analysis


  • Learn SAS and be confident on your data analysis skills
  • Learn to accomplish a task with various SAS techniques, with tons of examples and quizes
  • Learn step-by-step statistical analysis from descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing to linear regression
  • Learn data importing with different techniques for variuos type of data
  • Use many important functions to make SAS programming easy
  • Advanced concepts of meta data: formats and informats, labels, lengths, etc.
  • Learn the manipulation techniques to prepare the data and make the data analysis-ready
  • Perform dataset manipulations: subsetting, transposition, etc.
  • Be able to properly interpret the results from statistical analyses
  • I am giving out one course for free. Check out the last lecture after you enroll

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